May 27-29 will feature the third meeting of PASIG, Sun's Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group, in San Francisco.

As someone who has been tracking the agenda as it has taken shape, I am looking forward to the strong line up of presentations & speakers--some from among DLF, and some from beyond.

Attendance is free for higher education members. Registration is online at:

- Tom

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About PASIG: 

PASIG meetings provide attendees with an interactive forum for 

    * Comparison of high-level OAIS architectures, services-oriented architecture work, and use cases
    * Sharing of best practices and software code
    * Cooperation on standard, open, 'in-a-box' solutions around repository technologies
    * Review of storage architectures and trends and their relation to preservation and archiving architectures and eResearch data set management
    * Discussion of the uses of commercial third party and community-developed solutions