Just thought some of you might be interested in this very new position with my friends at SDSC.

The Division Director of Data Life Cycle Services (DD, DLCS) will serve on the Executive Team of the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) and report to the SDSC Director. The DLCS DD will direct the operation of one of the largest academic data repositories in the world, foster a synergistic and effective team that provides service and support to a broad range of digital data customers in the academic, private, and public sectors, and will further SDSC's tradition of innovation and leadership in the campus, state, national, and international data cyberinfrastructure community. The DLCS DD will oversee groups spanning the entire data life cycle, including data ingest and curation; data storage, management, and preservation; web services and portal development; and data use. The DLCS DD will work closely with other UCSD and UC entities including the UCSD Libraries, the Administrative Computing and Telecommunications group, CalIT2, the UC Grid community, UC Office of the President, the California Digital Library, and others. The DLCS DD will represent SDSC data cyberinfrastructure efforts at the leadership level on the UCSD campus, within the University of California system, and beyond.



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