(Apologies for cross-posting.)

LibraryThing is hiring 1-2 library programmers/developers/hackers.

We want to find the best people available anywhere. Work for us in
Maine, or stay where you are--in your pajamas for all we care. and our LibraryThing for Libraries project are both
growing rapidly. We are expanding our staff and taking on new,
exciting projects. We think books and libraries are the world. We're
going to change it.

The idea candidate would be:

*Proficient in PHP, Python and JavaScript.
*If not, willing to learn what you don't know
*Knowledge of library systems, particularly OPACs
*Knowledge of library standards, particularly MARC
*Able to think globally and creatively about library technology
*Able to self-direct or collaborate with others as needed
*Able to communicate well with others
*Willing to work startup hours
*Eager to change the world

Bonus points for:

*Driving distance from Portland, ME
*Strong CSS, HTML, usability, UX skills; Perl
*Committment and experience with Open Source and Open Data
*Already "out there" in terms of LibraryThing membership, or
participation in similar sites
*Willingness to tolerate my quaint dislike of OO programming
*Experience with non-library bibliographic data
*Oenophilia, tyrophilia

The position is eligible for our $1,000-in-free-books program. Refer
someone to us and we pay $1,000 in free books. Self-refer and you get
the books instead.


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