OHIONET, on behalf of the State Library of Ohio and a multistate
collaborative of State Libraries and regional library groups, has issued
an RFP to identify and acquire an open source statewide resource sharing
platform. The desired product would provide a seamless resource sharing
solution, developed and released under an open source framework, in an
environment of disparate integrated library systems (ILSs).  Specific
information about the goals, requirements, timeline, and process is
documented fully within the RFP, available at


We strongly encourage all organizations and/or software vendors to read
the RFP and consider responding to the RFP if the proposal is within the
scope of your products and company's offerings. Formal responses must be
submitted by January 30, 2009 by 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time to be


Questions and comments can be directed to the State Library of Ohio.
Contact information is specified within the RFP.


Thank you.


Ashlee Clark

Executive Secretary to the State Librarian

State Library of Ohio

274 East 1st Avenue, Suite 100

Columbus, OH 43201

Tel: 614-644-6847 <> 

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