Hi Phil,

I was just at a PKP workshop in Sydney in December, and the same  
developers from the Australian National University who developed the  
OJS METS export plugin unveiled a SWORD 1.2 deposit plugin that works  
with both Fedora and DSpace:


Apparently there are some issues with the 1.2 implementation for  
DSpace in particular, but they did demo a live instance of exporting  
to both repositories directly from OJS and it was quite impressive.

I'm not sure if this matches the workflow requirements that you have,  
but I'd suggest having a look, and if it needs any further development/ 
refinement, let us and the ANU group know, and we'll see what needs to  
be done.

Hope this helps,

PS. If you're interested in the full presentation that Scott and Leo  
gave, it's available along with the others here, right at the bottom:   

On 14-Jan-09, at 4:50 PM, Phil Cryer wrote:

> I'm working on an article repository to augment the Botanical Heritage
> Library, using fedora-commons as the storage and services layer.  I'm
> trying to find a publishing platform that includes user-roles for
> things like article submission, peer review, editor, etc.  Currently I
> really like Open Journal Systems (OJS ) [1], but I've only found a
> loose way to couple that to fedora; exporting published articles to
> METS-XML and then ingesting them into fedora - but this isn't a direct
> way and wouldn't deal with editing very cleanly, you'd have to update
> things in two places..  Other software options like Dpub, Fez,
> Muradora are either not actively developed, or not focused on article
> publishing.  Does anyone have experience with OJS, or any other
> article publishing system that (this is the clincher) sits on top of,
> or directly connects to fedora-commons?
> Thanks
> Phil
> [1]