A while back Karen Schneider raised the issue of virtual lightning  
talks [1]. We at Brown discussed the idea in one of our planning  
meetings, but felt that trying this at the conference would be teasing  
the gods of guaranteed-point-to-point-internet-access far too much.

Shortly thereafter there was a great discussion sparked by Karen Coyle  
that started out focusing on COinS [2]. It then took a turn with a  
comment by Gabriel Farrell about unAPI [3]. I had always wanted to  
educate myself about unAPI, and this thread did that.

The proximity of these two threads made me think it would be cool to  
see a 'blog-in-10-minutes' type video on unAPI, or on any number of  
code4lib-related issues. "But there are already good blog-posts out  
there!" Yes, there are. But anyone who's seen a (good) blog-in-10- 
minutes video knows how inspiring these things can be. [4]

So... THE IDEA...

Here's a call to find existing internet videos on code4lib type issues  
-- or CREATE YOUR OWN. They can range from 'blog-in-10-minutes' type  
tutorials to pure talking-head rants about how SOA will save the  
world. At some point we'll invite you to submit your favorites (can be  
your own or others'), and during one of the two open 20-minute slots  
we have in the conference, we'll show one or two depending on time.

One wildly artificial rule for this particular exercise (aside from  
the requirement that it be code4lib-related): length under 10 minutes.

Admittedly this leaves out amazing content. But full throttle forward.  
This can be a way for folk who can't attend the conference to  
contribute; it can expand the great existing code4lib-tagged video  
content (mostly at; and it'll help disseminate to a  
wider community information and ideas our community finds compelling.


Birkin James Diana
Programmer, Integrated Technology Services
Brown University Library
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