Birkin, this is a cool idea and the only additional request I'd make  
is can we have a page on the code4lib wiki that lists all the  
submissions? This seems like it could be a great resource for the  
community. We've been using peepcode ( for  
training more and more often, and it would be great to have a similar  
resource for library-specific topics. Also, this would provide a forum  
for useful videos that don't meet the 10-minute rule.


On Jan 15, 2009, at 8:56 AM, Birkin James Diana wrote:

> Folk,
> A while back Karen Schneider raised the issue of virtual lightning
> talks [1]. We at Brown discussed the idea in one of our planning
> meetings, but felt that trying this at the conference would be teasing
> the gods of guaranteed-point-to-point-internet-access far too much.
> Shortly thereafter there was a great discussion sparked by Karen Coyle
> that started out focusing on COinS [2]. It then took a turn with a
> comment by Gabriel Farrell about unAPI [3]. I had always wanted to
> educate myself about unAPI, and this thread did that.
> The proximity of these two threads made me think it would be cool to
> see a 'blog-in-10-minutes' type video on unAPI, or on any number of
> code4lib-related issues. "But there are already good blog-posts out
> there!" Yes, there are. But anyone who's seen a (good) blog-in-10-
> minutes video knows how inspiring these things can be. [4]
> So... THE IDEA...
> Here's a call to find existing internet videos on code4lib type issues
> -- or CREATE YOUR OWN. They can range from 'blog-in-10-minutes' type
> tutorials to pure talking-head rants about how SOA will save the
> world. At some point we'll invite you to submit your favorites (can be
> your own or others'), and during one of the two open 20-minute slots
> we have in the conference, we'll show one or two depending on time.
> One wildly artificial rule for this particular exercise (aside from
> the requirement that it be code4lib-related): length under 10 minutes.
> Admittedly this leaves out amazing content. But full throttle forward.
> This can be a way for folk who can't attend the conference to
> contribute; it can expand the great existing code4lib-tagged video
> content (mostly at; and it'll help disseminate to a
> wider community information and ideas our community finds compelling.
> -Birkin
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