> I am less optimistic about MODS than Kyle. Having watched it be made, I 
> think it's more than just a bit of a kludge, and carries forward a lot 
> of the problems of MARC21. I also don't think that it has a strong model 
> or philosophy behind it. I think we can do much, much better. 

I agree with Karen's characterization of how MODS has developed since its inception. The good news is that will hopefully change soon. The newly formed MODS/MADS Editorial Committee is developing a design principles document that will help guide future versions of MODS and MADS. We'd gratefully welcome feedback on what those principles should be. The MODS list [1] is probably the best place for that discussion to take place, but some of the Committee members are on this list too, so ideas brought up here won't be lost on that group. I suspect we'll have a draft document to share on the MODS list in the next month or so, but ideas for what should be on it before then are even more valuable. :-)


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