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>> We are also working on modeling MODS as RDF-- some
>> work has already been done on this.

>That is good news, albeit a little late and certainly a little slow.
>But I hear good things about Talis moving into this arena, and
>hopefully they can pull a few other vendors with them. I guess the
>first thing that is needed is a basic MARC / RDF vocabulary we can all
>participate in and extend, and then cross-pollinate vocabularies as we
>move away from AACR2 to more RDA / FRBR friendly stuff (although, >me personally, I would jump way ahead of RDA, but that's not going >to happen).

Yes, better late than never (we're a small office and stretched thin). Also we want to explore MARC/RDF. We also have to keep in mind that MARC is also used by non-AACR2 users (and when RDA is implemented non-RDA users).

>> In terms of MARC, we are planning for its evolution and  streamlining to
>> get rid of some of its problems and plan for a future where the transition
>> to new cataloging rules will work well with existing records and cataloging
>> infrastructure.

>Are you talking about RDA here? And when will these changes
>happen, in what form, how do you build momentum and expertize, 

Yes, new cataloging rules=RDA. 

>> It is also worth noting that despite some calls for a MARC
> >replacement, we have a number of national libraries
> >throughout the world that are abandoning their national
> >formats and just now adopting MARC 21. They also need
> >to be considered in this transition.

>I find it a bit scary it's taken this long, but I certainly welcome
>the change as it makes it easier to move from one format to the other
>once we all agree on a fundamental platform. But I still don't think a
>clear direction forward is set. Any docos you can point to about the
>future direction of LoC approved meta data exchange?

I can't point you to anything yet or give a clear timeline, but stay tuned...

As a starting point in exploring semantic web types of technologies we are establishing a registry for controlled values used in various standards-- MARC, MODS, PREMIS. See the text at: 
In the meantime we have a prototype at:


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