What I've been meaning to investigate more fully is the "Citation Style 
Language" (CSL) which is used by Zotero for citation outputting--there 
are some other non-Zotero engines for CSL, but I'm not sure how 
mature/ready for production any of them are. The Zotero engine is of 
course in Javascript, so inconvenient (although not impossible) to 
re-use that code a server side app.

I haven't really investigated what's going on with CSL, but that seems 
to be the 'right' way to deal with this to me. Once you have a CSL 
engine incorporated in your app, you can output not just in Chicago or 
MLA, but any citation style now or in the future that Zotero (or anyone 
else) provides a CSL file for. Thanks to Zotero (and it's partners?) for 
developing this re-useable CSL format instead of just a custom Zotero 


Andrew Ashton wrote:
> Can someone point me at any good, freely-available stylesheets to convert
> MODS to Chicago or MLA formatted citations?  It seems like something that
> should be readily available, but I canąt seem to find it.   Iąd rather not
> reinvent the wheel if possible...
> Thanks, Andy

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