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>> (Alternatively, maybe instead I need to turn strict and warning on and filter
>> out any bad records. Hmmm... )
> That would be recommended. I've have a .pl, rawanddecodedscan [1], that reads
> a file of raw MARC and reports structurally problematic records (as .txt and
> .mrc files). MARC::Lint (from CPAN) (and Lintadditions (from my site, though
> my ISP has changed the way it deals with directories)) might be useful for
> finding problems in structurally-sound MARC files.
> [1] <>, uses
> MARC::BBMARC, which is part of MARC::Errorchecks (from CPAN).

Argg! After tweaking the code found in the synopsis of MARC::Lint, I
discovered that my input has a billion errors!! 'More later, after I figure
out whether nor not this is part of the issue...


Eric Lease Morgan