You can find out about the current (2009) meeting here ( The program is set, but ELAG is built round workshops and it is probably possible to add a new one, even at this late date. Contact the program committee.
ELAG was formed about 25 years ago by people working for the national libraries of Europe and the larger universities who were all struggling trying to build library automation systems and facing a number of real technical problems. Its original aim was, and is, to allow exchange of techniques and experiences. Over the years it has changed as technology was developed, often by the E:AG member organisations, and the world changed. It has a meeting every year in a different location within Europe to encourage a wider audience and enable a secondary aim of education in each location for people who were not able to travel.
Peter Noerr
(ex British Library - founder member of ELAG)


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I really don't know much about ELAG besides I'm going there. I think
they have the program set, or just about set, for this year so I don't
know if anything could me done formally in 2009 but maybe an informal
thing could be arranged the day before or the day after? At the least
maybe contacts can be made for 2010?

Does anyone know more about ELAG?


On 1/23/09, Hamparian,Don <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Do you see any opportunities to partner with them for an European meeting?
> Or is that more trouble then its worth?
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> Eric, this is a good point.  I will be at ELAG this year, and I think
> Ed Corrado will, too.
> Past presentations look to be very in line with Code4lib and, in fact,
> it was billed to me as "If you think of Access or Code4Lib but in a
> scenic European setting with great beer then you'll have a good idea
> of what we are planning" by Ron Davies, one of the coordinators.
> -Ross.
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 2:33 PM, Eric Lease Morgan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> On 1/22/09 1:02 PM, "Ed Summers" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Wow, this sounds too good to be true. Perhaps this is premature, but
>>> do you think there might be interest in hosting a code4lib2010 in the
>>> Netherlands? (he asks selfishly).
>> On another note, there is already a library conference that is apparently
>> very similar to the Access tradition and Code4Lib that takes place in
>> Europe, and I think it is called European Library Automation Group (ELAG).
>> See:
>> While I would love to have a Code4Lib "thang" in Europe, maybe there is
>> something already in place. This year it is in Bratislava (Slovakia). Next
>> year I believe it takes place somewhere in Norway.
>> --
>> Eric Morgan