Hello, Colleagues,


As ProQuest/UMI switched its delivery platform for Electronic Theses and dissertations(ETD), I have developed a small software package to process ETD. The software package does:

1.       Unzip ProQuest/UMI ETD delivery Zipped files, and create one directory per ETD.

2.       Rename these ETDs into other preferred file names (in my case, Wang_arizona_0009D_10075.xml  azu_etd_10075_sip1_m.xml) 

3.       Generate digital signature for digital preservation.

4.       Create MARC records from ProQuest/UMI XML files.  (i.e. a MRK file will be generated for direct loading to catalog. I use III innovative and Koha)

5.       Create embargo notification and moving embargo ETDs to a different directory for future loading


This package saves me a lot of time to process hundreds of ETDs. The package (size of 50kb) has a Java compiled code (class file) and Perl Scripts. Currently I run it on Linux, but it can be run in Windows. 


If anyone wants to have it or give it a try, please contact me. 


p.s. I also have a package handling ProQuest old platform (BePress) ETD files. 




Yan Han

The University of Arizona Libraries