Hello.    Those interested are invited to review and comment on this draft Manifesto, developed by the two faculty who are leading the Mellon Seminars in Digital Humanities, Todd Presner (UCLA) and Jeffrey Schnapp (Stanford).  Apologies for any duplication.




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The Digital Humanities Manifesto that we have been discussing in the Mellon Seminar has now been published on our WordPress blog at, and is now open and ready for comments. This software allows you to comment on each paragraph in the manifesto, so you will be able to focus your comments on the appropriate section--for example, to add new departments to the new departments for the Humanities Division section. To join the blog, click on one of the links in the "comments overview" window in the middle of the screen, and then click on "Create an Account."

We look forward to your comments and suggestions on all aspects of the manifesto. This is intended to be, as Todd and Jeffrey have said, a collaboratively-authored document, so our joint authorship is an integral part of the process.