Dear Colleagues:

There's less than two weeks left until the kickoff of the Spring Forum. Make sure you've registered at <> so we can have a namebadge and program for you at the registration desk! We have an exciting program lined up for you in Raleigh, see <>, and I'm planning on streaming live video of Day 1 sessions from the first keynote through the HathiTrust panel through a UStream channel so those of you that can't attend in person can have the opportunity to see what's happening in realtime. We may be able to peel off a slice of the signal and pipe it into Second Life, so stay tuned for details.

By now you've all been notified of the merger with CLIR over the summer, and we're planning to have one of the DLF Board members kickoff the event with opening remarks about the exciting opportunities in store for DLF's future. I look forward to seeing those of you that can make it soon, and for those that can't maybe we'll see you next fall in Long Beach, Ca.

Kind regards,