Hi all,
The DLF Project Managers' Group will be meeting on Monday, May 4, from  
8:30-12 and will focus on the single topic:
      Portfolio management/Managing multiple projects.

Draft meeting agenda:
* 8:30-8:45 People arrive / coffee / group activity: each table makes  
a list of issues/anecdotes related to managing multiple projects/ 
* 8:45-8:50 Introduction / logistics
* 8:50-10:00 Lightning talks + discussion
* 10:00-10:15 Break / informal discussion
* 10:15-11:35 In-depth presentations (20 minutes each) + discussion.  
Could include someone giving a micro-tutorial based on a book about  
managing multiple projects.
* 11:35- 12:00  Discussion on how to build the PM Group community  
* 12:00 -   lunch & informal discussions

 > We need a head count, so if you plan to attend this meeting and  
haven't already let us know, send us an email *off-list* expressing  
your interest (a quick "yes I will attend" will do).
(Send to:  [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask])

 > If you want to propose a talk (lightning or longer) email us off  

 > If you want to subscribe to the DLF Project Managers' list:
Go to:
and click "Join or Leave DLF-PM-GROUP"

We look forward to hearing from you,
Jennifer and Delphine