it seems that within 8 hrs of my mailing this out, the SESDA2 website was 
given a complete overhaul by someone who doesn't understand the "Cool 
URIs" mantra:

Thanks to Kevin Clarke for pointing it out.  The new location is:

... which doesn't say much about the job that I didn't already post, but 
it'd let you find some other software jobs in other departments, such as :

Or if you have both a programming and physics background:

Joe Hourcle
Pricipal Software Engineer
Solar Data Analysis Center
Goddard Space Flight Center

On Thu, 28 May 2009, Joe Hourcle wrote:

> This isn't _exactly_ library related, but it's archive related, and there's 
> still some library science / information science related issues that we're 
> trying to work out where someone with experience in semantic technologies and 
> data organization would be an asset.
> ...
> The project involves a UI to display solar physics images ... sort of a 
> google maps for pictures of the sun.  The current prototype is at:
> There's also a parallel project to make a less featured web-based version:
> The job would be based out of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in 
> Greenbelt, MD, so you'd need to be cleared to work in the US, and there's a 
> number of background checks, but it's not the interview-everyone-you've-
> ever-known sort like a military clearence.
> Anyway, the official job posting is:
> SS022 Java Programmer
> We have an immediate opening for a full-time Java Programmer to help develop 
> and maintain an advanced Web-based viewer for solar images that is capable of 
> serving data in highly-compressed quality-progressive JPEG2000 format. The 
> viewer will be a vital tool for processing and analyzing the approximate 
> terabyte of data produced daily by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) 
> that is expected to be launched in late 2009. A prototype version of the 
> viewer (JHelioviewer) has been developed. Tasks of this position include: 
> working with scientists and programmers to deploy a production version of the 
> viewer in time for SDO launch; developing and testing Java software to ensure 
> stable and efficient cross-platform performance; and improving existing 
> JPEG2000 software to support advanced features such as region selection and 
> animations.
> The candidate is expected to have: good verbal and written communication 
> skills; the ability to work independently and as part of a team; and the 
> capability to solve problems and master new technologies. Familiarity with 
> user interface design techniques and image formats such as JPEG2000 is a 
> plus.
> Requirements:
> 	* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
> 	* At least 1 year of Java
> 	* At least 1 year Java Swing is a plus
> 	* At least 1 year C++
> 	* US Citizenship or Permanent Residence is required.
> Please email your resume to: JOBS (at) SESDA2.COM for immediate 
> consideration. Please note in the subject line of your email the position 
> number (e.g., SS022) you are applying for.
> Interested candidates may also contact Angie Martz: AMARTZ (at) SESDA2.COM
> -----
> Joe Hourcle
> Principal Software Engineer
> Solar Data Analysis Center
> Goddard Space Flight Center