Clever idea to put the TicToc stuff 'in the cloud'. How are you going to
keep it up-to-date ?


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Subject: [CODE4LIB] web services and widgets: MAJAX 2, ticTOC lookup,
Link/360 JSON, and Google Book Classes


I would like to share a few pointers to web services and widgets Annette
and I recently collaborated on. All are available under an open source

"Widgets" are CSS-styled HTML elements (<span> or <div>) that provide
dynamic behavior related to the underlying web service. These are
suitable for non-JavaScript programmers familiar with HTML/CSS.

1. MAJAX 2: Includes a JSON web service (e.g., or
) and a set of widgets to include results into web pages, see  Supports the same set of
features as MAJAX 1 ( Source is at

2. ticTOC lookup: is a Google App Engine app that provides a REST
interface to JISC's ticTOC data set that maps ISSN to URLs of table of
contents RSS feeds. See
Example: and optional
refinement by title:
A widget library is available; see for a demo (shows floating
tooltips with table of contents preview via Google Feeds and places a
link to RSS feeds)  The source is at and includes a stand-alone
version of the web service which doesn't use GAE. The widget library
includes support for integration into III's record display.

3. Google Book Classes at
- these are widgets for Google's Book Search Dynamic Links API.
Noteworthy is support for integration into III's OPAC on the search
results page ("briefcit.html"), on the so-called bib display page
("bib_display.html") and their "WebBridge" product via field selectors,
all without JavaScript. Source is at

4. A Link/360 JSON Proxy.  See
This one takes Serials Solution's Link/360 XML Service and proxies it as
JSON. Currently does not include a widget set. Caches results 24 hours
to match db update frequency.  Source is at  Could be combined with a widget
library, or programmed to directly, to weave Link/360 holdings data into

All JSON services accept 'jsoncallback=' for cross-domain client-side
integration.  The URLs are ok to use for testing, but
for production use we recommend your own server. All modules are written
in Python as WSGI scripts, requiring setup as simple as mod_wsgi +

 - Godmar