Matt Amory wrote:
> I'm trying to get UNIX/LINUX to run on my Windows laptop.  Is UWIN the best
> and easiest option?

While lots of other people have answered this question already, I'd like 
to point out that without information on what it is you want to use 
Linux for, it's almost impossible to give a sensible answer to this 

Are you planning on using it to offer services to third parties? to do 
network diagnostics? to try out new software? (which software?) to 
improve your skills? to be able to test stuff on your laptop in the same 
environment as your servers? to improve your commandline-foo? Annoy your 
fellow Windows users? as part of a prolonged programme of masochism? 
Each of these lead (potentially) to different recommendations.

BTW: 'UNIX' is a trademark which is basically no longer used. You 
probably mean POSIX (AKA  IEEE Std 1002.1-1989 AKA ISO/IEC 9945).

Stuart Yeates       New Zealand Electronic Text Centre     Institutional Repository