Hello all,

As I was considering whether to migrate our SVN repositories to 
Mercurial (or possibly Bazaar) so as to allow for distributed control 
(like if I'm on the train or otherwise off the grid), I got word from 
our IT higher-ups that they want us to stop hosting our code on our 
domain and server.

Before I start trekking around looking for hosting, does anyone in the 
crowd here have a server set up, and is potentially willing to host 
Trac+SVN or Trac+HG for our open-source projects?  We currently have two.

Alternately, I'd love to hear suggestions on regular hosting providers - 
particularly for Trac+Mercurial.

Many thanks,

Yitzchak Schaffer
Systems Manager
Touro College Libraries
33 West 23rd Street
New York, NY  10010
Tel (212) 463-0400 x5230
Fax (212) 627-3197
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