The following from EZProxy list offers some info along these lines.

The vendor recommended in this post appears to be a reseller(maybe 
owner) of multiple certs including Verisign and Thawte from what I can 

We are going with either Thawte or Digicert since our campus already has 
certs from these Vendors.  My personal experience has been with Thawte, 
but not with their wildcard certs.

Yitzchak Schaffer wrote:
> On 12/18/2009 12:03 PM, John Wynstra wrote:
>> We are going to purchase a certificate elseware, because we can't wait
>> for ipsCA root Cert to get into popular browsers.
> Ergh.  Anyone have any fresh research on cheap education wildcard certs? 
>  We're using SSL on three (soon to be four) publicly-used hosts.  TLD is 
> .org though.

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