Whew.  Just survived an Ubuntu dist-upgrade which broke our Apache SSL 
virtual hosts configuration.  I had thought the foulup on the test 
server was because we were testing various certs in the wake of the root 
CA expiration!

We estimate that 15-25% of our users will be affected (the new root CA 
seems to work in Google Chrome as well as IE), and that a new wildcart 
cert could be had for $40 or $80 from StartSSL for two years - not quite 
sure yet what level verification we'd need, hence the 40/80 doubt.

We're running multiple name-based hosts at one IP address (for 
encryption), hence the reliance on the wildcart cert.  We could 
conceivably get more IP addresses, but I don't know if I want to take 
that one up with IT.  Methinks we're going to try scraping together 
40/80 bucks, which isn't as simple here as it may sound.

Twitter's been very helpful in keeping up with this.

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