In a rare demonstration of doing as promised, I have a FAST
AutoSuggester running based on that data.  An HTML demonstration of the
service can be found at and
the underlying AutoSuggester is running at  Searches from the HTML go to

An example of a suggestion request would be

It returns JSON, which the above HTML link demonstrates the use of.

My AutoSuggester is just a thin interface to an SRU database.  The query
that comes to the AutoSuggester is turned into an SRU query and the
resulting record is dropped into the AutoSuggester response.  The link
to the SRU database for the above query for "0" would be

I've put up a file containing all the records I loaded into my database.
The records contain 2 tab delimited fields.  The first field is the key
to the record and corresponds to the user's keystrokes (e.g. '0' above).
The second field contains the JSON response which is an ordered array of
terms.  I load that into the moral equivalent of Lucene and you see the
results in that SRU search.  The file can be found at

Let me know if you have any problems or questions.


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> Subject: RE: [CODE4LIB] Auto-suggest and the LCSH web
> We've made some progress on this topic.
> I have available a list of our FAST subject headings.  They are
derived from
> LCSH and may be of some use.  The folks that produced this file are
working on
> producing a similar file for LCSH.
> The file can be found at
> The file contains tab delimited records.  The first column is the ID
number of the
> FAST record that the term comes from.  The second column is the MARC
> Authorities field that the term came from.  The third column is the
term itself.  The
> 4th column is the count of records in WorldCat that are retrieved when
that term
> is used in the Keyword index.  The 5th column is the count of records
> WorldCat that are retrieved when that term is used in the Subject
> I expect to have an AutoSuggester built on this today.
> Ralph