Apologies for duplication

We're trying to pull data out of a database as an RSS feed, and have created the following feed, which does validate at W3C<>, but we seem to be running into issues with our nonstandard namespace.  We’d originally thought to use a custom namespace, but now have switched to ONIX (the database is of University Press material).  I’ve read that using any but the “widely known” namespaces will result in most RSS readers not being able to render the content, which appears to be the case with this feed. (which makes we wonder what’s the point of being able to extend it, but that’s for another day maybe).

I’m trying to bring that feed into Drupal via FeedAPI (v5.x), but all I’m able to “see” is the title field, and none of the other content.

So I’m stuck wondering if it’s a problem with the feed itself, or with what I’m trying to do with the Drupal module.  Do I have to drop back to basic RSS 2.0 specifications?

Thanks muchly in advance for any light you can shed on the problem.

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