O Holy Night, O HOCLC-ly Joy, thanks for the gifts Ralph!

I did this:
1. I entered cross reference Œwarming, global¹ and it retrieved 1,247 hits;
I checked the first title (Global warming by Cynthia Bily, 2006), its OCLC
record had ŒGlobal warming¹ as subject. So why did warming, global retrieve
2. I entered Œglobal warming¹ and got 13,243 hits, all dandy. When I I
clicked into the record, the ŒMore like this¹ had under subjects ŒGlobal
warming¹ listed twice, both retrieving 13,326 hits
3. is there anything in the process that I missed also the indication of the
relationship between main heading ŒGlobal warming¹ and cross reference
ŒWarming, global?


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> In a rare demonstration of doing as promised, I have a FAST
> AutoSuggester running based on that data.  An HTML demonstration of the
> service can be found at and
> the underlying AutoSuggester is running at
>  Searches from the HTML go to
> WorldCat.
> An example of a suggestion request would be
> It returns JSON, which the above HTML link demonstrates the use of.
> My AutoSuggester is just a thin interface to an SRU database.  The query
> that comes to the AutoSuggester is turned into an SRU query and the
> resulting record is dropped into the AutoSuggester response.  The link
> to the SRU database for the above query for "0" would be
> exact+%220%22
> I've put up a file containing all the records I loaded into my database.
> The records contain 2 tab delimited fields.  The first field is the key
> to the record and corresponds to the user's keystrokes (e.g. '0' above).
> The second field contains the JSON response which is an ordered array of
> terms.  I load that into the moral equivalent of Lucene and you see the
> results in that SRU search.  The file can be found at
> Let me know if you have any problems or questions.
> Ralph
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>> > We've made some progress on this topic.
>> > 
>> > I have available a list of our FAST subject headings.  They are
> derived from
>> > LCSH and may be of some use.  The folks that produced this file are
> working on
>> > producing a similar file for LCSH.
>> > 
>> > The file can be found at
>> > 
>> > The file contains tab delimited records.  The first column is the ID
> number of the
>> > FAST record that the term comes from.  The second column is the MARC
>> > Authorities field that the term came from.  The third column is the
> term itself.  The
>> > 4th column is the count of records in WorldCat that are retrieved when
> that term
>> > is used in the Keyword index.  The 5th column is the count of records
> in
>> > WorldCat that are retrieved when that term is used in the Subject
> index.
>> > 
>> > I expect to have an AutoSuggester built on this today.
>> > 
>> > Ralph