On the note of autosuggest, I done some successful experimentation with
autosuggest in Orbeon that accesses controlled vocabulary for subjects used
in the Virginia Heritage Project EAD guides from a Solr index through the
TermsComponent function now available in 1.4.  The code has been pushed to
the sandbox, example: .  Under Controlled
Access Headings in <archdesc> or in components, the Subject field is now
tied to results accessed through Solr's REST interface.  While new subjects
entered into the input boxes are not pushed into Solr index upon saving the
guide, it would be very easy to do that.

In any case, I would like to see further conversion about controlled
vocabulary services and how they can be integrated into XForms editors on
the new [log in to unmask] list that Adam Soroka created
earlier this afternoon.

Ethan Gruber
University of Virginia Library

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 11:56 AM, Ralph LeVan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> There's been some discussion of the AutoSuggest services we're offering on
> the WorldCat Developers Network mailing list.  We have AutoSuggest services
> for our WorldCat Identities and VIAF databases.  I'm attaching some of the
> details for our Identities autosuggester below.  The demonstration of the
> autosuggester can be found at
> Let me know if this looks useful.
> Ralph
> The new AutoSuggest service returns the following JSON in response to the
> letter 'b' (
> {"query":"b","result":[
>  {"term":"Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750", "arn":"oca00255223",
> "pndnumber":"102936056", "pndnumber":"13120193x",
> "pndnumber":"123920671", "pndnumber":"11850553x",
> "pndnumber":"11258019x","pndnumber":"103775625", "lccn":"n79-21425"},
>  {"term":"Boz, 1812-
> 1870","arn":"oca00222790","pndnumber":"118525239","lccn":"n78-87607"},
>  {"term":"Bloom,
> Harold","arn":"oca00237457","pndnumber":"119176602","lccn":"n79-3258"},
>  {"term":"Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827", "arn":"oca00339691",
> "pndnumber":"131205293", "pndnumber":"118508288", "lccn":"n79-107741"},
>  {"term":"Bonaparte, Napoleon, 1769-1821", "arn":"oca00288055",
> "pndnumber":"131036114", "lccn":"n79-54933"},
>  {"term":"Bolatu","arn":"oca00370723","pndnumber":"118594893","lccn":"n79-
> 139459"},
>  {"term":"Blythe, William Jefferson, 1946-","arn":"oca00726781",
> "pndnumber":"119063395","lccn":"n82-29644"},
>  {"term":"Bush, George W. 1946- (George Walker)", "arn":"oca03941398",
> "pndnumber":"12145391x", "lccn":"no95-49848"},
>  {"term":"Blessed Virgin Mary,
> Saint","arn":"oca00564383","pndnumber":"118711237","lccn":"n81-18544"},
>  {"term":"Boy, Ä’tkar, 1809-
> 1849","arn":"oca00263409","pndnumber":"11859527x","lccn":"n79-29745"}]}
> You'll see that I'm returning every control number I can for each term.
> All the URL's previously posted are still good, but here they are again:
>  Example use of the service:
>  The AutoSuggest service for Identities:
>  The SRU database underlying the service: