> DLF Developers Roundtable
> Wednesday, November 3rd
> 2:00 - 5:00pm
> Fee: $10
> Crowne Plaza Cabana, Salon B

> A number of topics covered during the 2010 DLF Forum will be covered in more
> technical depth. These include Merritt, the new repository service from the
> California Digital Library; EZID, its new identifier service; and the JHOVE2
> project. The DLF Developers' Roundtable is open to all technical participants of
> the DLF Forum: to keep the discussion at a reasonably high (or deep) technical
> level, participants should be able to design or write computer software, or
> manage those who do.

In addition to the above, one topic on which we would like to hear from others
is how they are handling access control: identity management (IdM),
authentication (authn), authorization (authz). Given a desire to move away from
piecemeal approaches towards a single comprehensive solution, how are people
approaching this problem--Shibboleth, OpenID, other?

We are also interested in hearing from anyone who wishes to present, however
briefly (e.g., lightning talk) on something which they are doing which might be
of interest to the group. Please email me at the address below, and I shall make
an effort to put you on the agenda.

Charles Blair
Convener, DLF Developers Roundtable
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