On Wednesday morning, I'll be leading a workshop with Barrie Howard on Recollection, a developing initiative from the National Digital Information Infrastructure & Preservation Program at the Library of Congress.


Recollection is a tool that constructs web views from information stored in spreadsheets or MODS records. NDIIPP funded the development of this tool to provide flexible access to collections preserved by its partners. The workshop will provide an overview of the tool and an opportunity for hands-on training loading data and creating views.


A brief overview of Recollection functionality:


·         quickly create a number of views from a single data set

·         add geographic points to place data

·         standardize date data

·         create faceted browsing lists

·         create tag clouds

·         create scatter plot and pie chart graphs

·         embed views in other web sites

·         export and share data in a variety of formats, including json, tab delineated, and RDF/XML

·         analyze data and metadata for clean up or remediation


For anyone that's interesting in attending, please feel free to bring a laptop.  We can create accounts for you on the spot so you can explore the tools.  We'll have some sample date for you to load, or you can bring your own data.  It should be in a single XML file of MODS records (up to 1,000 records works best), a rectangular spreadsheet (up to 1,000 rows works best), or a link to a file online or a RSS feed.




Leslie Johnston

Manager of Technical Architecture Initiatives

National Digital Information Infrastructure & Preservation Program

Library of Congress

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