Hi all,
During last week's call we talked a little about whether our group should also communicate via Twitter - either to share information amongst ourselves or about our activities with those not in the NDSA or the working group. 

I asked around and learned that LC as secretariat has no plans right now to set up an NDSA twitter account (we are currently working through the communications channels here to get an NDIIPP one set up, and that's a slow process).Of course if another NDSA member would like to set up and manage a Twitter account for our working group, there's nothing that says we can't do that. 

A suggestion was made that each of the Working Groups come up with a hashtag that could be used. What do you all think? Something like:


Other suggestions? 

Not a requirement that we do this, but if anyone would like to use one it might be good to have one established. 


Abbie Grotke
Web Archiving Team Lead
Office of Strategic Initiatives
National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program
Library of Congress
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