To follow up on Cathy's message Friday, I'm happy to keep record of the "sign ups" if folks want to let me know which activity you are interested in, either (A) or (B):

A) Develop or contribute to a registry of content already preserved by NDSA members.

(A) Group Volunteers (so far):
a. Abbie
b. Rachel
c. Daniel
d. Kris
e. Jennie 
B) Develop a clearinghouse that will enable a variety of stakeholders (content producers, archives and libraries and other potential preservationists) to:
 Determine what specific types of content or collections are at risk.
 Identify at-risk content or collections for preservation.
 Match orphan collections with appropriate trusted partner for access and preservation.

 (B) Group Volunteers (so far): 
a. Kristine (lead)
b. Michael
c. Glenn
d. Matt
e. Deborah

If anyone is interesting in leading A, please also indicate that. Thanks!

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Sent: Friday, December 10, 2010 7:46 PM
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Subject: [NDSA-CONTENT] Content WG - Revised Charter and Meeting Minutes

Hello All,
Attached is the final version of the Content Working Group Charter that Abbie and I will present at the NDSA organizational meeting next week.  Also attached are the minutes of our Wednesday conference call.  Please review both documents and let Abbie and me know if you see errors.

For those of you who could not join the meeting, we formed two action groups to tackle our two work areas defined in the Charter.  Group A  will take on our first defined work area and needs a leader still.  Group B will undertake the second work area and has a lead person, Kristine Hanna.  You will see the volunteers for each group recorded in the minutes.  Others, who could not join the Wednesday call, are invited to sign up for one of the groups.  Please sign up before our next call scheduled on January 5th at 11 AM Eastern.  At that meeting we will talk about how to move forward.

Thanks, All.

Cathy and Abbie

Cathy N. Hartman
Associate Dean
University of North Texas Libraries