DLF Community Members,

Thank you for your feedback and ideas about the 2010 DLF Forum and the
future of the Forum you provided through various online surveys, tweets, and
emails. Your participation was greatly appreciated and is helping prioritize
and shape DLF activities for 2011.

Overwhelmingly, the community was supportive of a once-a-year DLF Forum
event with additional DLF sponsored events and activities held at various
conferences throughout the rest of the year. The community strongly
supported a fall meeting, with spring a distant second, and summer receiving
very little support. It was suggested that the Forums run slightly longer to
allow for more activities.

Keeping all of these recommendations in mind, we have confirmed the 2011 DLF
Forum location and dates and have begun planning additional events for the
2011 DLF Community Calendar.

The 2011 DLF Forum: October 31–November 2, 2010. The conference will take
place in Baltimore, Maryland at the Hyatt Regency
(http://baltimore.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/), with 2 ½ days devoted to the
DLF Forum program.

Because the fall season is always so busy, are now exploring sites and dates
for 2012 to find a suitable location on dates that do not conflict with
other major conferences, holidays, and important civic duties.

Additional events for 2011 include support for the 2011 Code4Lib and ER&L

DLF is very excited to be sponsoring the CURATE Camp Hackfest preconference
event at the 2011 Code4Libr conference.

DLF is also providing conference support for the 2011 ER & L conference
being held in Austin, Texas, February 28–March 2. Amy Sample Ward and Amanda
French are the keynote speakers. If you are interested in e-resources,
assessment, and their associated services/technologies, this is a great
conference to attend. Conference info can be found here:

Plans are in the works for other 2011 conference events. Please do not
hesitate to send me your suggestions or ideas.

So how will you know where DLF is going to show up, or how you can plan to
be a part of these events? For now, we will post these events on the
DLF-Announce list and other communication tools like Twitter (@CLIRDLF) and
the DLF LinkedIn group (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=3387265). The
ultimate goal is to have an interactive community calendar on the DLF web
site, where all DLF hosted and sponsored events will be posted.

This brings me to the DLF web site. The old web site at www.diglib.org
ceased to be maintained in 2010; all current DLF community information is
located at http://www.clir.org/dlf.html
Working with Brian Leney of CLIR and Eric Celeste, we have begun the process
of creating a new DLF web site.

The new DLF web site is under construction and we are seeking volunteers to
help out with some beta testing and user feedback. Please email Brian Leney
(bleney (at) CLIR (dot) org) if you are interested in helping us out.  
Testing begins at the end of January, with a public launch of the site
scheduled no later than the end of February. We envision an active dynamic
site that helps our community connect and collaborate.

2011 is shaping up to be a very energetic and exciting year for the Digital
Library Federation Community.

I look forward to working with you to make it one of our best.

Happy New Year!

Rachel L. Frick
Director, Digital Library Federation
Council on Library and Information Resources