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>Call for Papers: Special Issue on Linked Data, Semantic Web and
>Libraries: Journal of Library Metadata
>Guest Editor: Sheila Bair
>Associate Professor, Metadata & Cataloging Librarian
>Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
>Overview: 2013 finds libraries on the threshold of a ³new bibliographic
>universe.² The Semantic Web, Linked Data, and open access all promise to
>set library metadata free from its historical constraints. How are
>libraries preparing for and experimenting with sharing data in this new
>world of information-set-free? The general aim of this special issue of
>the Journal of Library Metadata is to access and present current
>practices, trends and research in moving library metadata into, and
>positioning libraries for success in, this new environment.
>Topics: Recommended topics include, but are not limited to the following:
>€	Libraries and Linked Data/Semantic Web
>€	Open access, library metadata and Linked Data/Semantic Web
>€	Institutional repository metadata and the Semantic Web
>€	Harvesting and sharing of metadata in the new environment
>€	Incorporating Linked Data into library information systems
>€	Authority control, vocabularies and Linked Data/Semantic Web
>€	Rights and license management in the Semantic Web
>€	Linked Data and MARC and non-MARC (EAD, Dublin Core, etc.) library
>€	Migration of MARC and non-MARC library metadata to new systems and
>€	Conversion and mapping of MARC and non-MARC library metadata to RDF and
>Linked Data
>€	Data clean-up in preparation for migration/conversion
>Submission Procedure: Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit
>on or before, March 31, 2013, a proposal (up to 500 words) clearly
>explaining the objectives and concerns of his or her proposed article.
>Authors of accepted proposals will be notified shortly about the status
>of their proposals. Full manuscripts (4000-7000 words) are expected to be
>submitted by July 10, 2013.  All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed
>on a double-blind review basis.  Please forward submissions
>electronically (Word document) to the guest editor at
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>The Journal of Library Metadata is the exclusive forum for the latest
>research, innovations, news, and expert views about all aspects of
>metadata applications in libraries and about the role of metadata in
>information retrieval. This focused journal comprehensively discusses
>practical, applicable information that libraries can effectively use in
>their own information discovery environments. Specialized knowledge, the
>latest technology, and top research are presented pertaining specifically
>to evolving metadata use in libraries. More information about the Journal
>of Library Metadata can be found online at


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