The IIIF Editors are pleased to announce draft revisions of the International Image Interoperability Framework Image and Presentation (formerly 'Metadata') API specifications.
These releases reflect a significant amount of input from both the IIIF working groups and the larger library, archives, and museum communities following roughly a year of experience either implementing or experimenting with the previous versions.

A complete list of the changes can be found on the IIIF website:
We welcome your feedback, questions, and use cases, and encourage you to submit them to the IIIF Discussion Listserv: [log in to unmask]. Drafts will be kept open for comment until the beginning of August, with the goal of final release in September. However, we would appreciate feedback early in order to work on and gain consensus for any necessary changes.


The IIIF Image and Presentation API Editors:
Benjamin Albritton
Michael Appleby
Robert Sanderson
Stuart Snydman
Jon Stroop
Simeon Warner
Jon Stroop
Digital Initiatives Developer/Analyst
Princeton University Library
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