Dear CWG members,

We have a Content Working Group meeting set for tomorrow, September 3, from 11am  – 12pm ET. A smaller group of us met on Friday to have a follow on discussion based on some items discussed at our DP14 meeting, and we have some thoughts about work we can do for the coming year related to our relationships with content creators. You can read the minutes from the DP14 meeting here:,_2014 and from our conversation last week:


--New Member Introductions

--Discuss new ideas for the coming year:  

----a focus on relationships with content creators, including presentations from organizations representing different approaches, and “top 5-10” problematic or difficult content creator/ archivist relationships – come with stories!

----the challenges specific to preserving performance art (interest in developing a case study and/or Content Matters interviews?)

--NDSA Web Archiving Survey update

--Any other member announcements


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1.      Go to

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3.      Click the "Enter Room" button

4.      Dial 877-299-5123 for audio


Talk with you then!
Abbie and Christie



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