Consider submitting a paper to the IEEE BigData Service conference 2015,
©ÝBig Data Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering" track

Deadline for submission 11/30

"This track includes the papers focusing on big data-related research in
library and information science, including big data information banking
projects, policies, standards, business services & cost models, data
sharing, exchange & management, data-intensive computing and services,
data classification/indexing, retrieval, storage & search solutions for
digital libraries, and supporting infrastructures."

Please see the URL:
Enclosed please find the CFP.

In addition, there are two journal special issues relating to this

(1) International Journal of Big Data Research
Special Issue on Big Data from Networking Perspective

(2) International Journal of Big Data Intelligence
Special Issue on Big Data, Semantics and Cloud

Maria Esteva

Maria Esteva

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