My understanding is you want to find out a way to find peak hours of the usage.  If so, this could be a good Web project.  

Generally speaking, you would have following steps:
1. A webpage to accept input and write to a database table
2. On the Webpage, no Data and Time are needed.  The information should be automatically generated by a field with timestamp data type
3. A chart page should include code of a loop to total the counts of timestamp based on the hours of the day you want, like 8am, 9am..., closing hour.  Use highchart or D3 to display the results.

With this done you can easily adapt the program to find out what are the peak days of the week, etc.

Kelly Zhu

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Hello All,

Can anyone recommend a program to track usage.  We have a makerspace and students sign in to use VR or a 3D printer.  Thus we end up with a speadsheed that looks like

Date Name ID# Time VR 3D Print

5/8/17 Some Student 3:00 Y N
5/8/17 Another Student 3:25 N Y

What I am trying to do is figure out when our busiest times are and show that in a chart of some kind. Using Excel this is possible but cumbersome.
Can you share some solutions?


Edward Iglesias