Have you ever experienced too much nature? I’m currently in Victoria, BC for the Digital Humanities Summer Institute—and when I first landed three days ago, I was dazzled by the tall pine trees and wide fields. “Do you think anyone will notice I’ve gone missing if I just have a taxi drop me off at a nice meadow and frolic there for the week?” That was an actual thought I had on the shuttle into the city. But all that changed yesterday, when I found a spider on my pillow after getting up to start the day. It wasn’t a tiny spider, either. It was a rugged, outdoorsy-looking fellow. And, Reader, I killed it. (Somewhat calmly, I will proudly add). And then I flipped the pillow over, because I just have the one pillow, here in campus housing. 

I am so ready to go back to city life. 

Anyways, those of you who live/work in rural areas are brave, brave souls. Here are this week’s #DLFjobs:

Remember that anyone from a DLF member institution can submit a job or view listings from past weeks here.

Take care, (and send fly/spider swatters if you can) 


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