Dear Colleagues:


Professional development doesn’t always take the form of a course or a tutorial to learn a new skill. Sometimes, what we need is an informal space to talk over new ideas and share experiences. As an experiment in creating such a space, the DLF Pedagogy Professional Development subgroup will be holding office hours on the Digital Humanities Slack on Tuesdays, 2-3pm EST starting June 6 in the channel #dlfteach. 


For more information about the DH Slack and how to join, see


This is an experiment, and we welcome ideas and suggestions! We are particularly eager for feedback on how to make this space accessible and productive. If you have feedback, questions about getting set up, or would like to volunteer to host an office hour or two, please email Liz Rodrigues at [log in to unmask]



Elizabeth Kelly, C.A., D.A.S.
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Monroe Library 332
Loyola University, New Orleans
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