The year is almost over. How did it happen? I was typing away the other day and, without thinking, wrote ‘2014’. Which will soon be four years ago. Unbelievable.


I know. You’re thinking, “It’s basic math! Catch up, Beccs”. But I’m still astonished by how quickly time can move—especially if we mark its passage by Star Wars film releases. (Didn’t The Force Awakens just come out?)

To those of you job-hunting in the new year, best of luck! This week’s opportunities:



A couple of reminders about things going on in DLF-land: if you’d like to pitch in with the 2014—er—2018 Forum, the call for Planning Committee members is open now. And opportunities to learn more about the wider GLAM communities are still available! Apply to attend VRA or AIC as a Kress Cross-Pollinator fellow in the coming year.


Wishing everyone a lovely holiday break,



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