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Next week on February 12th the DLF Project Manager's Group is launching our first in a series of listserv discussion series with the topic of labor in digital work: How do we manage it and how do we value it?

Our first discussion will be moderated by myself, Sarah Severson, and Robin Pike. We’ll start it off with an introduction email on the Monday with some links to the relevant DLF sessions and some readings to get us thinking, then follow up each morning on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with questions around various themes to prompt a discussion. We'll end on Friday with a discussion summary.

Follow along or join us by signing up for the listserv at https://lists.clir.org/cgi-bin/wa?SUBED1=DLF-PM-GROUP&A=1 or send any topic ideas to the DLF Project Manager's Steering Committee and look for the schedule of discussions in 2018 on the wiki https://wiki.diglib.org/DLF_Project_Managers_Group.

Robin Pike &  Sarah Severson
--- On behalf of the DLF Project Manager's Steering Committee

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