Do you have a great idea to share at DLFxDHSI, a one-day unconference on the theme of digital libraries, digital humanities, and social justice?


Taking place in Victoria, BC, DLFxDHSI will begin with a joint DHSI and DLF Institute Lecture, poster/digital demo session, and reception on Friday, June 8, 2018. Highly collaborative and interactive DLFx unconference sessions will run throughout the day on Saturday, June 9, followed by short DHSI workshops on Sunday, June 10.


Most sessions will be generated the day of the unconference, but we are inviting proposals for lightning talks, posters, and digital demos. Submissions for Posters and Digital Demos are due on March 29!


The poster/digital demo session will be in conjunction with the DHSI poster/digital demo session at the end-of-week reception on Friday, June 8. Posters should not be larger than 4′ X 4′. Please provide a sentence or two on the content of your poster/digital demo.


The call for lightning talk proposals will still be open (and on a first-come-first-served basis!). Lightning Talks are engaging, high-energy 90-second presentations held in a closing plenary session, with the opportunity to point listeners to additional information online. Proposals of up to 250 words should be submitted for lightning talks.


Learn more about DLFxDHSI and register here, and submit your proposals here.


Thank you!


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Program Assistant for Conferences and Events
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