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In April 2016, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada awarded an a major grant to Endings: Concluding, Archiving, and Preserving Digital Projects for Long-Term Usability, a project exploring practical answers to the questions of how DH projects end, and where they should be archived in order maintain the dynamic features that make them readable, searchable, and even interactive. (See Project Endings <> and <> for examples of our ongoing work.)


Working partly from four case studies (University of Victoria DH projects), we are developing tool kits to aid the DH community in implementing best practices in ending and archiving. Having learned as much as we can from our own successes and failures, we want to gain insight from a wide variety of DH projects through a multiple-choice survey.


We hope that you will be willing to share your experience in ending and archiving with us. You may be acquainted with some team members; you should feel under no obligation to respond to the survey for this reason.


The survey should take ten to fifteen minutes to complete. Please click here to begin:




With thanks from the Project Endings team.


Stewart Arneil, Claire Carlin, Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins, John Durno, Lisa Goddard, Elizabeth Grove-White, Martin Holmes, Matt Huculak, Janelle Jenstad, Greg Newton University of Victoria



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Digital Scholarship and Strategy

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