Dear Colleagues,


The Digital Preservation Coalition and the Software Preservation Network would like to invite you all to register for the upcoming Software Preservation Webinar Series!


Jointly hosted, the series will examine several software preservation contexts including collection development, reuse cases, scholarly communication, scaling programs within and across organizations, and software preservation legal challenges.




Starting on 25th April and running for 6 weeks, each webinar lasts 45 minutes and uses the Zoom web conferencing platform.  While each episode varies, the general structure includes:



All webinar episodes will be recorded and made available online after each event.


Series Overview:


EPISODE 1: Software Preservation Overview

April 25 // 8am PST - 10am CST - 4pm BST/CET

EPISODE 2: Software Collection Development

May 2 // 8am PST - 10am CST - 4pm BST/CET

EPISODE 3: Software (Re)Use Cases

May 9 // 8am PST - 10am CST - 4pm BST/CET

EPISODE 4: Software in Digital/Scholarly Communications

May 16 // 8am PST - 10am CST - 4pm BST/CET

EPISODE 5: Scaling Software Preservation and Emulation

May 23 // 8am PST - 10am CST - 4pm BST/CET

EPISODE 6: Software Preservation and Legal Challenges

May 30 // 8am PST - 10am CST - 4pm BST/CET


Sharing your experience and perspective is critical to understanding the hurdles in software preservation, to imagining future use of software-dependent data, and to forming a mutual understanding of where collective action is necessary to facilitate those future uses so we earnestly hope you will join the discussion.


The webinar series is free to attend and open to all.  Registration will close the Friday before the scheduled episode.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


We look forward to talking to you soon.


*Apologies for cross-posting*


On behalf of the SPN and DPC,

Jessica Meyerson

Jessica Meyerson
Research Program Officer
Educopia Institute

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