Have you ever been put in the care of a child while video chatting? It’s a simultaneously hilarious and terrifying experience.


This weekend, I got a taste of it when my brother placed his phone in the hands of my seven-year-old cousin—who proceeded to give me an MTV-style tour of my own childhood home, where he’s been staying for spring break. He shot into the kitchen. “Here’s the kitchen,” he said as he whipped me around the room. “We made cookies! And bread! And I ate a lot of tomatoes.” he put me on the counter and proceeded to demonstrate by putting two cherry tomatoes into his mouth at the same time while laughing hysterically. He picked me up and trotted around the house, then out the back door to the garden with my parents’ dog on his heels. “We’ve been planting seeds!” he yelled excitedly as I watched sand stream past. And that’s when the wifi gave out.


I wish I could re-enact his enthusiasm about his rock collection for you, but here’s a collection I’m much more qualified to speak to: this week’s submissions to the DLF Jobs Board.



View past listings on the Jobs Board or by tracking #DLFjobs. If you have a position description to share with the community, submitting is quick and free for DLF member affiliates.


Hope everyone has a week as nice (and energy-filled—or even half as energy-filled) as Jackson’s.




Becca Quon

Program Associate for Advancement & Awards

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