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This week, we kicked off our Software Preservation Webinar Series!

The recording from this week’s episode “Episode 1: Introduction to Software Preservation” is now available! You are invited to watch the recording and explore the supplementary resources provided for this episode here:

This episode provides an overview of software preservation including past and current programmatic and project-based efforts to address key facets of software preservation such as metadata & standards, law & policy, technological infrastructure, research and training & education. Presenters provide additional detail about the subsequent episodes in the series, and solicit questions/topics from attendees that will inform open discussion with guests. Episode 1 features William Kilbride (DPC), Paul Wheatley (DPC) and Jessica Meyerson (SPN). 

More to come next week after “Episode 2: Software Collections” featuring special guests Patricia Falcao (Tate), Paula Jabloner (Computer History Museum), and Tim Walsh (Center for Canadian Architecture)! Episode 2 Research & Facilitator Lead is Anne-Marie Trépanier (Canadian Center for Architecture). 

About the Series
The Software Preservation Webinar Series provides a survey of software preservation contexts. Each episode explores a different software preservation context by providing an overview, discussion with guest speakers (specialists in digital preservation, software studies, scholarly communication, open source software and more) and open discussion with attendees. The webinar is jointly hosted by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and the Software Preservation Network (SPN). Special thanks to Sarah Middleton (DPC) and all the members of SPN Training & Education Working Group: Anne-Marie Trépanier (Canadian Centre for Architecture), Sherry Lake (University of Virginia), Andi Altenbach (Studio Gang), Neil Chue Hong (Software Sustainability Institute), Elizabeth Parke (McGill University), Daina Bouquin (Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics).

Due to user limits on our web conferencing software, registration for the series is now closed. However, all episodes will be recorded and posted to the DPC and SPN websites.

We plan to build on this series with additional programming, including a series of in-depth interviews with researchers, developers, archivists, curators and others on their work in software preservation and curation. Stay tuned!

On behalf of the SPN and DPC,

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