When I was 16, my best friend and I ‘discovered’ the music of the 60’s at the same time. It was exciting, you know, to get together and share our latest finds. As we learned more, though, we found ourselves in separate camps: he preferred pop, and I fell for folk.


Part of what’s painful about being a teen is that you know just enough to form opinions and also, occasionally, to be completely wrong about things. We used to get into arguments because I was absolutely convinced there was no way the Beatles had been more popular than Simon & Garfunkel. “They’re not even good.” I used to say in exasperation about John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Many arguments and patient explanations of Beatlemania later, I rescinded my statement. (Though ten years out, I still think the first 15 seconds of ‘America’ are the greatest in the history of recorded sound. SOME opinions formed during your teens are solid as a rock.)


In the spirit of change, below are the jobs that were posted to the DLF Jobs Board this week:



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