You might think that adults who read the Harry Potter books as children or adolescents would have moved on to other topics, more than a decade after the last book’s publication. But after attending a “sorting” party (known to muggles as a gender reveal) this weekend and prepping for CLIR’s monthly Potter-themed book club, it’s pretty apparent that’s not the case.


At the party, for instance, I asked an acquaintance if she were as big a fan as some of the other people in the room. “Well,” she said. “Not really. I mean, I’ve read the books and seen the movies, but…” she turned pointedly towards another group that was holding a conversation about the conversion rate between dollars and galleons.


I’ve even heard references written into wedding vows. And a Forum presentation. But no job descriptions, unfortunately. (Hint, hint, to those of you writing them, out there.) Here are this week’s submissions to the DLF Jobs Board:



View past listings on our site or by tracking #DLFjobs. If you have a position description to share with the community, you can submit it quickly on our site—for free, if you’re from a DLF member institution.


Have a wizarding week!




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