The other day I was browsing Spotify and came upon a playlist title that left me totally aghast: “All out 10s”. As in, the 2010s. As in, ‘they’re drawing to a close, here’s a retrospective.’


I’m not good at math—or letting things go, apparently—so I’ve had trouble processing that it’s nearing a decade since 2010. But listening to the songs made it easier to visualize. June 2011: when I couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing Mumford & Sons (cue insanely fast banjos). October - November 2012: when my college roommate broke up with her boyfriend and listened to Adele on repeat for literal months. July 2015: when my younger cousin requested something called “Cake by the Ocean” on repeat and I realized I was officially out of the pop music game. I guess all those years really happened; they just happened so fast.


Last week was the same, but here are some DLF Jobs we received, as evidence:


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