Mark your calendar and join us!


#DLFds Twitter chat

Tuesday, 18 December, 3:00-4:00 EST


Hosted by @HogenboomKaren, @elotroalex, and @Leigh_Bonds


Our discussion will focus on digital scholarship assessment:

·        Which aspects of your DS work are you assessing and what is the goal of your DS assessment?

·        What benchmarks or rubrics do you use to assess DS work? (Please share details.)

·        What tools do you use to track DS/DH activities for assessment purposes?

·        What specific information do you capture about DS/DH consultations?

·        What feedback do you gather about DS/DH instruction (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.)?

·       How do you track and report unmet needs and support requests?


We look forward to hearing your effective practices and innovative approaches.

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