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You are invited to participate in a survey assessing the barriers to migrating to supported versions of Fedora. We are interested in providing recommendations to address digital preservation at large beyond migrating between one version of Fedora to the next. This survey has 20 questions and will take roughly 10 minutes to complete.

There are approximately 240 libraries and archives in the United States using Fedora to preserve and deliver scholarly publications, research data, cultural heritage, and special collections-related content and services for patrons. Since 2015, Fedora 4.x has been the official release, though most of the community is still using earlier versions of the software. In 2018, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) awarded DuraSpace a planning grant (LG-72-18-0204) to investigate the barriers to upgrading unsupported versions of Fedora which are  putting at risk the stability, security, and functionality of the content and services they support. The following survey was developed by the grant team to better understand the barriers to migration between versions of Fedora. More details on the grant, including progress and outputs, can be found on the Fedora wiki.

More than one person from any organization or institution may take the survey. Thank you for your participation in this project. This survey will close on Wednesday May 8, 2019.

Please note, the person responding to this survey is participating in a research project that may lead to a published paper and/or presentation. The respondent is free to discontinue the survey at any time. We will be aggregating the survey data and will publish it to our communities. The public data set will show the class of institution the response comes from, though we will not include names of institutions or individuals in the published set.

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